Neighborhood Publication, now in it’s 14th year is growing once again.  We produce upscale, glossy, full color magazines that are instrumental advertising tools that help the business community of San Diego succeed.  Advertising clients receive great results from the local consumers through high redemption of the coupon savings found inside our very professionally designed ads.  Our popularity led to being featured on NBC 39 “Consumer Bob” and KUSI with Rod Luck.




“Biggest Response, simple ad that brings in new customers”

                  Kemo Sabe


“No comparison to other media I have advertised in, 8-12 coupons per day, if anyone doubts the effectiveness of this publication, just call me”

                  Brian’s American Eatery


“Results!  Consistent and easy to track”

                  Indigo Grill


“Excellent results and the most effective way to advertise”

                  La Vache


“The customer tends to spend more over the customers which use coupons from the Tribune or The Reader”

                  Pizza Nova


“The magazines have an excellent following and customers have been happy to see our coupons in both the Uptown & Downtown Publications”

                  Coronado Brewery


“It generates more clientele”

                  Bistro d’Asia


“This ad tends to be more popular than some of our other coupons & brings in the local residents rather then the tourists”

Buster’s Beach House


“The Community Coupon Magazine is the only media that I have actually seen a fantastic response!  We are getting new clients every day and we know for a fact that they are coming back without coupons, which is great!

                  Claire de Lune


“Better results than any other publication that I have used”

                  Midori Bar & Sushi





“The Community Magazine has been the most effective for bringing in customers, new & repeat”

                  Hillcrest Stationers


“Our ad in The Community Magazine really gave my store a great jumpstart.  We were able to reach a wide audience quickly and affordably.  I highly recommend it!”



“Community Magazine has been one of our top advertising media for reaching the local residents”

                  Hilo Hattie


“It is really a well known publication that has given us more exposure than we would have otherwise had”



“This is my first and it was great!  I didn’t expect such good results right away.  I was pleasantly surprised”

                  Kate Ross


“Best Value, Best Recognized, Best Sales, Largest Distribution per zip code”

                  Scott James

“New clients, new partners, new perspectives”

                  Marky's Gourmet Store




“The coupon format gave me a way to track the results of my investment and it was easy to see that advertising in Community Magazine worked”

                  The Pilates Room


“CCM has definitely been noticed by a lot of people.  We’ve had a fair share of coupons (10-14 a month) but many people have commented on seeing the ad.  It has high visibility”

                  Culture Shock Dance Center


“At first I was reluctant to advertise such a high ticket service in a coupon magazine but decided to give it a try.  The first few ads I placed were half page ads which yielded incredible response.  For a new business owner it was almost overwhelming!”

                  Thighs by Design


“This has been very instumental in the start of my business as it helped me to develop a clientele base right away.  This client base was the exact demographic that I was looking for  & has been repeat business”

                  Spa Velia


“Hands down the best!  Not only did our ad increase revenue by 30% but brought in our “ideal” clientele.  It was amazing!  The phones didn’t stop ringing”

                  Vasseur Skincare





“Instant gratification, the day the coupon comes out, people are in the store”

                  Tap Lighting


“I like the fact that the reader seems to hold on to the magazine for an extended period of time.  Coupons continue to be redeemed well after magazine was distributed.

                  Column One


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